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Janelle A. Crisp is a licensed therapist in the state of Pennsylvania who is trained to work with individuals involved in the legal system. Crisp's dedication to honesty, competency, integrity, diligence, and the ability to remain impartial and fair strengthens her ability to provide forensic counseling services. Crisp completes concise and insightful assessments along with individual and group therapy. Crisp collects information efficiently, is able to be objective, and understands navigating the legal system. Crisp is passionate about her work with at-risk populations.

Not only does Crisp provide forensic counseling, she is also knowledgeable about the legal system due to her professional history of working with inmates. Crisp works with county, state, and federal probation cases. Services include risk assessments, provision of interventions, and treatment planning to adapt both thoughts and behaviors.

Crisp is also an ATSA member and a Sex Offender Assessment Board Member. 

Janelle Crisp LPC, Program Director

Savanna Smith is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and is currently attending Carlow University for Professional Counseling. 

Savanna Smith, Clinical Intern 

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