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Crisp Forensic Counseling provides mental health and forensic therapy services in accordance with the recommendations and guidelines of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers. Crisp Forensic Counseling is a Sex Offender Assessment Board (SOAB) Approved Treatment Site. Crisp Forensic Counseling collaborates with probation and parole, polygraph examiner, other mental health providers, offender’s family, and any other significant supports of the offender.

Crisp Forensic Counseling’s treatment approach emphasizes comprehensive assessment, family involvement, and close collaboration with the judicial system. Throughout the treatment process; clients are encouraged to address not only their sexual behavior but also any contributing factors, such as; mental health, co-morbidity, trauma, compulsions, addictions, or other barriers. Crisp Forensic Counseling has the expectation of personal responsibility and accountability which is reinforced and expected in every phase of evaluation and treatment.

Mental Health

Couples Therapy

Mental health therapy does many things, including helps people develop awareness and insight into challenging thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Therapists can help with stress management, relationship difficulties, the effects of living with a mental health symptoms.

Individual therapy, Couples, and Family Therapy. 

Frequency offered: weekly, bi-weekly, and/or monthly.


Telehealth online option available. 

Our mission is to create safer communities by addressing sexual abuse and to assist with the end of the cycle of exploitation by providing treatment and education. Crisp Forensic Counseling works towards reducing the risk of sexual recidivism while creating healthy members of society.

Sex Offender Specific Assessment and Reports 

Individual therapy and Group therapy

Non-Offender Therapy 

Frequency offered: weekly, bi-weekly, and/or monthly.

Telehealth online option available. 

Forensic Treatment

Group Therapy

Evaluation and Assessments

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Forensic Assessments conducted on individuals who have been accused, charged, or convicted of a crime. The purpose of the assessment is an attempt to determine the risk of an individual and make recommendations. 

Psychosocial assessments can include clinical interviews, risk assessments, ABEL, PCL-R, sexual history, review of judicial documents, and other external documents. 

Crisp Forensic Counseling partners with G.G. Polygraph Interview & Services LLC, a certified polygraph examiner for conducting post-conviction sex offender and domestic violence offender testing.

G.G. Polygraph Interview & Services LLC completes Post Conviction Sex Offender (PCSOT) & Domestic Violence Testing: We offer Sexual & Domestic Violence History, Instant Offense, Monitoring and Maintenance Examinations.

P.C.S.O.T. are generally court ordered and are an essential part of the parole and probation process for individuals convicted of a sexual assault crime. All P.C.S.O.T. are confidential and can be administered on site because we provide all necessary equipment.

Polygraph Examinations

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Consultation and Supervision

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Consultation happens in a specific incident that needs attention. Consultation is about advice that can be rejected by the consultee.  The consultant is not legally liable for the actions of the consultee because the consultee would already be a licensed practitioner, lawyer, or probation officer. 

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