Crisp Forensic Counseling provides sexual offender assessments and treatment services in accordance with the recommendations and guidelines of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers. Crisp Forensic Counseling is a Sex Offender Assessment Board (SOAB) Approved Treatment Site. Crisp Forensic Counseling collaborates with probation and parole, polygraph examiner, other mental health providers, offender’s family, and any other significant supports of the offender.

Our mission is to create safer communities by addressing sexual abuse and to assist with the end of the cycle of exploitation by providing treatment and education. Crisp Forensic Counseling works towards reducing the risk of sexual recidivism while creating healthy members of society.

Crisp Forensic Counseling’s treatment approach emphasizes comprehensive assessment, family involvement, and close collaboration with the judicial system. Throughout the treatment process; clients are encouraged to address not only their sexual behavior but also any contributing factors, such as; mental health, co-morbidity, trauma, compulsions, addictions, or other barriers. Crisp Forensic Counseling has the expectation of personal responsibility and accountability which is reinforced and expected in every phase of evaluation and treatment.


  • Both short-term and long-term.

  • Depends on risk level as well as needs. 

  • Individual, group, family, and couples therapy. 

  • Evidence based therapy

  • Sex Offender Specific Treatment 

  • Co-occurring Treatment

  • Mental Health Treatment

Evaluation and Assessment

  • Forensic assessments conducted on individuals who have been accused, charged, or convicted of sexual misconduct.

  • Purpose of this assessment is an attempt to determine the risk of individual and make recommendations.

  • Five Part Assessment

    • Clinical interview

    • Personality assessments / risk assessments

    • ABEL 

    • Sexual history questionnaire

    • Review of judicial documents and external documents provided

Clinical Polygraphs

The purpose of the clinical polygraph is not to identify previous victims but rather establish the veracity of the individual charges or convicted and to make determinations as to whether this individual could or should be treated in a community setting. If previous victims are determined during a clinical polygraph interview, there is no attempt to be made to identify these victims nor are they used to influence the court’s decision about the current impending charges.

All adult offenders will be required to completed at least two polygraphs at their expense or the expense of the referring agency. These tests will be used to verify the past history and present events. Crisp Forensic Counseling follows guidelines provided by the state or federal probation and parole boards regarding frequency of polygraphs.

The polygraph examines administered at Crisp Forensic Counseling is;

  • Instant Offense

  • Sexual History

  • Maintenance and Monitoring

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